Division Headquarters Technology Center
Amphenol BSI Ltd
The Mill Enterprise Hub
Newtown Link road
Co Louth
A92 CD3D
  • Ability to perform design trade off analysis
  • Knowledge of the latest technology / techniques
  • Availability of symbols and footprints
  • Ability to define design rules and constraints
  • Info regarding routing optimization
  • Access to signal integrity info
  • Access to mechanical integrity info
  • DFM ability with Fabricator and in-house Assembly
  • Ability to test & verify design

Various Levels of Interconnect design support:


  • Simulations and modeling of full link (BP and DC)
  • Electrical and Mechanical design with proprietary tools
  • 2d and 3d Models for BP and DC connectors
  • Power Plane Analysis with PowerDC
  • PCB layout with Cadence Allegro
  • CAM outputs in Valor ODB++ and Gerber formats

Thermal/Safety Group:

  • Chassis Thermal Manager
  • EN60950 Creepage and Clearance Analyzer

 Mechanical Group

  • Connector Engagement Force Analyzer
  • Connector Wipe Estimator
  • Panel Optimizer
  • Slot Pitch Analyzer
  • Connector configurator

 Electrical & Layout Group

  • Backplane Link Loss Simulator
  • HPC Link Loss Simulator
  • Connector Current vs. Temperature Evaluator
  • Max Trace Current carrying Analyzer
  • Max Via Current carrying Analyzer
  • Plane Capacitance Analyzer
  • Routing Channel Optimizer

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