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Amphenol BSI new partnership

  • November 3, 2022
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Amphenol BSI new partnership

Amphenol Backplane & System Integration (BSI) and Arrow have embarked on an exciting new partnership to introduce a range of VITA & PICMG association Backplane products into the Industrial, Energy, Aerospace, Medical, Gaming, Transport and Defence Industries. The Commercial and Engineering development teams from both organisations will combine resources in areas and markets where Industry Standard Backplanes are chiefly used in system architecture.
These new backplane and shelf products range from VME64 & VPX in the VITA space to AdvancedTCA & CompactPCI in the PICMG space.

Amphenol BSI is a recognised leader in the Backplane & Midplane assembly business, supporting most of the major hardware providers in the IT Datacom and Telecoms Industries. This new partnership provides Arrow with an opportunity to expand its product portfolio and enhance its system solution strategy. It gives Amphenol BSI an opportunity to penetrate new business opportunities in new markets and leverage its design, assembly, supply chain and test capabilities to support customers in bringing their Industry standard systems to the market with the highest performance and within budget.

Amphenol now have a unique ability to present a vertically integrated Industry Standard Backplane solution with the capability and experience to provide the customer with design or assembly customisation if required. With Arrows established market relationships and distribution channels it places Amphenol’s Standard backplane products firmly into the Embedded Compute space.


Martin Walsh – Global Marketing Manager

Brian Reid – Engineering Mgr Americas