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Passive PCBA assemblies

Passive PCBA assemblies are utilized in most electronic markets and across many applications where the assemblies are mainly passive in nature but often unique in design and configuration.

Amphenol BSI has the experience, expertise and interconnect knowledge to work with your team to optimize solutions for your design requirements followed by the global presence and the manufacturing strength to deliver cost effective solutions.

Passive Assemblies Examples

Passive Assemblies Examples

Display &  I/O Boards

  • Display boards are often used behind front panels and often require flex or flying lead attachment back to a main board
  • Display boards can include switches, LEDs and basic signal traces and are used behind the front panel within chassis applications where a right angle mounting application on a main board can’t be achieved
  • I/O boards are used in similar applications to display boards where and external interface through an electrical or optical connector is required

In many cases today power is being managed on separate assemblies from the electrical signalling boards.

Power Distribution Boards

  • Our connector strength and fab knowledge enable us to offer power assembly solutions to address your requirements. These can include power cabling and or bus bar interconnect.
  • Requirements are often driven by current requirements, thermal requirements, system robustness and space constraints

Interposer Assemblies

  • Assemblies are used for rerouting connections
  • Unique applications used for adapting between connector interfaces
  • Used in applications for non standard stack height between boards
  • Often in todays applications signal integrity is a crucial criteria when adding additional interfaces through interposers and BSI can help you design the right solution

Control Boards

  • Used in industrial markets, IoT controllers, etc
  • Applications for managing power and signal switching as well as sensor monitoring
  • Other applications such as lighting , heating ,cooling and airflow control

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