VPX - Amphenol-BSI Ltd

VPX - 3U and 6U height, 1-21 slots configurations

ABSI’s VPX high performance backplanes are available in both 3U & 6U form factors. All VPX backplanes are compliant to VITA VPX specifications. ABSI can customize the VPX backplane against our customer’s specific requirements.


VPX is a broadly defined technology utilizing the latest in a variety of switch fabric technologies in 3U and 6U format blades. OpenVPX is the architecture framework that defines system level VPX interoperability for multi-vendor, multi-module, integrated system environments.

  • Rugged Eurocard 3U and 6U form factors.​
  • Supports Rear Transition Modules.​
  • Slot pitch 1.0”, maximum 20 slots.​
  • System Management.​
  • Multiple fabrics:​
  • Ethernet​
  • PCIe​
  • Infiniband​
  • Serial RapidIO
  • Compliant to ANSI/VITA 46.0-2007 (R2013) VPX Baseline Standard.​
  • Compliant to ANSI/VITA 65-2010 (R2012) OpenVPX™ System Specification.​
  • Fully customised solutions available.