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CompactPCI - 3U & 6U heights 2 to 9 slot configurations

Amphenol-BSI’s cPCI high performance backplanes are available in both 3U & 6U form factors. All cPCI backplanes are compliant to VITA cPCI specifications. ABSI can customize the cPCI backplane against our customer’s specific requirements.


cPCI [Compact Peripheral Component Interface] is electrically identical to the PCI specification. It uses the Euro (VME) card 3U/6U format with 2mm connectors. The cPCI bus uses 8, 16, 32, or 64 bit transfers at up to 264MBps. 64 bit PCI transfers may be used in either 3U or 6U size cards. 6U boards contain additional pins for user defined I/O.​

cPCI supports live insertion support (Hot-Swap), and also supports two independent buses on the backplane (on different connectors).. ​

cPCI backplane uses hard metric 2.0mm connectors which are compliant to IEC 917 and IEC 61076-4-101. ​
The maximum slot number is 8 slots. 33MHz bus frequency is available through 2 to 8 slots backplanes. A 66MHz bus frequency is only available on 2 to 5 slots backplanes. ​

cPCI defines 2 different backplane height 3U and 6U, with or without rear transfer module varieties. ​