VME - Amphenol-BSI Ltd

VME - 3U, 6U & 9U height, max 21 slots

ABSI’s VME high performance backplanes are available in both 3U,6U &9U form factors. Amphenol BSI VME backplanes all compliant to VITA VME specifications.


VMEbus  is a computer bus standard, widely used for many applications and standardized by the IEC as ANSI/IEEE 1014-1987. It is physically based on Eurocard sizes, mechanicals and connectors (DIN 41612), but uses its own signalling system, which Eurocard does not define.

Features VME/VME64 :

  • Compliant to VITA 1.11997 (S2011) Specification
  • 2 to 21 slots configuration
  • Daisy chain routing
  • 4 HP slot pitch
  • IEC 610764113&IEC 610764101 connectors
  • Support Rear IOs
  • Screws/studs for power entry
  • PCB material FR4, UL recognized 94V0
  • RoHS compliant


  • Lowest cost solution on highest performance backplane
  • Innovative backplane system design and manufacturing
  • Industry leading custom Mechanical and SI test solutions
  • Accept any custom design