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Backplane / Midplane Test

Modern demands on data, latency and security requires a new generation of product. Data rates are growing exponentially, and this is driving the evolution of communications technology to meet those demands. This evolution in technology requires an advancement in the design, manufacture and test of your products. Amphenol-BSI are uniquely placed to provide that advancement as you move your products to the next generation. We provide the products of today, while safeguarding the technologies of tomorrow.

  • Wide range of test capabilities:
  • Flying Probe/AOI testing for proto/low to medium volume builds.
  • Continuity & Isolation (Level II), ICT (Level III) and functional testing for high volume build.
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Automated / manual 2D X-ray
  • EEPROM Programming & Verification
  • Custom dedicated SI & TDR Support

With SI margins and Mechanical constraints getting smaller, test is becoming more critical as part of the Assembly requirement to ensure product goes into the field operational ready and is capable of deploying next gen upgrades.

  • More Efficient Test set-up’s
  • Higher accuracy AOI and higher resolution X-ray Imaging required to ensure assembly reliability
  • VNA and TDR for Dedicated SI requirements
  • Testing for Bent Pins / Backdrill / Stub control
  • Automated Impedance Testing
Backplane / Midplane Test

To ensure the integrity of the compliant pins and the mating interface we utilise the latest in automated, robotic technology to assemble and test all our backplanes.

Robotic backplane fixtureless test.
Test capabilities for proto / production builds.
The only testers developed specially for backplanes.
Tests double sided boards
0.65 x 1.4 m standard
up to 1 x 1.4 m (stretch)


  • Combined Electrical test & AOI in one machine.
  • Level II Test – Continuity & Isolation


  • Combined X-ray & AOI in one machine.
  • Color Automatic Optical Inspection.
  • High resolution Automatic 2D transmission X-ray.

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