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Amphenol BSI is unique in the industry due to our global assembly manufacturing presence.

  • Shared engineering development resources with backplane connectors
  • Shared engineering resources with the Amphenol PCB group
  • Development partnerships with key equipment vendors

Modern demands on data, latency and security requires a new generation of product. Data rates are growing exponentially, and this is driving the evolution of communications technology to meet those demands.

This evolution in technology requires an advancement in the design, manufacture and test of your products. Amphenol-BSI are uniquely placed to provide that advancement as you move your products to the next generation.

We provide the products of today, while safeguarding the technologies of tomorrow.

The smallest variance in design and production can have the biggest impact on performance at high data rates. What effects do production induced faults have on the signal?

A bent pin will have clear effects on the signal including, but not limited to, impedance drop, insertion loss, return loss and mode conversion.



Over 30 years of experience

Over 30 years of experience

Having these relationships and partners combined with over 30 years of experience provides a broad knowledge of press requirements as new technologies are being released.

Recent development has resulted in our ability to be the first to the industry with new press capabilities specifically developed to address the requirements of increasingly shrinking compliant pins. Legacy press equipment in the industry is reaching its limits.

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