ACTA - Amphenol-BSI Ltd

ATCA - 8U  height – max slots 16

Amphenol-BSI ATCA Backplanes

Amphenol-BSI’s ATCA high performance backplanes are available in both 5U and any customized height based on chassis requirement. All ATCA backplanes are compliant to PCIMG ATCA specifications. ABSI can customize the ATCA backplane against our customer’s specific requirements.


The Advanced TCA backplane provides point-to-point connections between the boards and does not use a data bus. The backplane definition is divided into three sections; Zone-1, Zone-2, and Zone-3. The connectors in Zone-1 provide redundant −48 VDC power and Shelf Management signals to the boards. The connectors in Zone-2 provide the connections to the Base Interface and Fabric Interface. All Fabric connections use point-to-point 100 Ω differential signals. Zone-2 is called “Fabric Agnostic” which means that any Fabric that can use 100 Ω differential signals can be used with an ATCA backplane.​

The connectors in Zone-3 are user defined and are usually used to connect a front board to a Rear Transition Module. The Zone-3 area can also hold a special backplane to interconnect boards with signals that are not defined in the ATCA specification.